Welcome To Kirschner’s Custom Upholstering

Kirschner’s Custom Upholstering is a family owned reupholstering shop that has been part of the community since 1977. It is conveniently located at 7224 W. Touhy Ave. Chicago, a block west of Harlem. Joe, the head upholsterer, has over 40 years of experience in the trade and lives and breathes upholstery. At Kirschner’s, we work with you to create the piece you have in mind and do not give up until you are satisfied. Whether it may be a restaurant style booth you were thinking about having in your kitchen, or restoring your grandmother’s chair, we work with it all. Our specialties include: complete restoration of antiques, commercial and residential furniture, booths, theater style seats, boat upholstery, uncommon projects for show and much more. If you give us an idea, we will work with you to make it a reality.

Why Kirschner’s Upholstering?

At Kirschner’s, we feel that reupholstering is always the better option if you want to have furniture that will last a lifetime. Buying new may be more economical, but in the long run it will cost you more time and money. Mass-produced new furniture one finds in stores is more often than not made with low quality materials, especially the frame and foam. If you feel you have a piece of furniture that is well built, especially the frame, or has sentimental value, then we invite you to revive your piece by bringing it to Kirschner’s.

For all your inquiries about commercial furniture upholstering, custom reupholstery, and furniture repairs in Chicago, please CALL our shop TODAY at 773-631-3911.


We know how much you value your furniture especially if it’s an antique or rare collection. Here at Kirschner’s, our furniture repair and reupholstery experts use only top quality materials to make all our upholstering and custom repairs in Chicago. Unlike most mass-produced furniture you find today, our shop still makes custom designs, furniture reupholstering, and careful repairs for both commercial and individual clients in Chicago.


We offer free and quick estimates. Use our "Get a Quote" form, upload your pieces and expect a prompt response with a detailed quote. Our shop accepts job orders from both commercial/business entities and private/individual customers in Chicago. Once our shop receives your form, we can immediately work on your item and deliver it once all the reupholstery and repairs are completed.


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